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This new mansion, built by the taste of continental designer who knows all the secrets of the stone, traditional architecture, near the side of a green hill with beeches and oaks at an altitude of 1050 meters is hoping to make your holiday special.

In a place of rare beauty in one of the most important villages of the Zagoria Negades, away from the tension of the big city, offering modern comforts while respecting the relaxation and tranquility of its customers.


Erato was one of the nine Mouses. Was the protector of marriage and love.



Eurydice was a woman of Greek mythology who married Acrisius, king of Argos.


The Figalia was an ancient Arcadian city now belongs to the prefecture of Ilia.

Το Ξενοδοχειο


The ancient city Fokiki Tithorea was built on the western slopes of Mount Parnassus in the same position is built the village today.